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Childrens Savings Accounts

An easy way to begin teaching children how to save!

Available to children under the age of 18 who are able to sign their own name.

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Play cool games while learning about money and history on h.i.p. pocket change, a website hosted by the U.S. Mint.





Money Talks is the American Bankers Assosciation Education Foundations newsletter for parents.

It contains practical advice and money lesson tips for parents.


 Financial Literacy

Newfield National Bank is dedicated to the schools in our community. We provide in-house children's savings presentations for all grade levels.

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United States Mint

We at Newfield National Bank, care about your students' financial education. The groundwork we set for them will influence their financial habits for the rest of their lives. We would like to offer some help in this aspect of their education.

Our programs are geared to age appropriate topics for the students, with an emphasis on the importance of savings and managing funds to ensure a good credit rating for years to come.

We are asking for the opportunity to provide this service to the students of your school. Experienced Newfield National Bank personnel will come and provide in-house presentations at your convenience.

Childrens Savings Presentation
We offer a selection of Children's Savings presentations to fit your individual classroom needs.

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Request a Children's Savings Presentation
Download, complete and fax this form to request your children's savings presentation.

Presentation Request Form

Call one of our children's savings program coordinators with any questions or comments.


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